careful treatment

Careful treatment

We are proud to offer complete dental care with American quality and customer service. We would like your visit to be a comfortable and kind experience. Our general dental clinic specializes in esthetic excellence and making your smile naturally beautiful and healthy. We welcome all patients and treat both children and adults who require simple or complex care. We cooperate with outstanding in-house specialists so referrals are easy and local. Please schedule a new patient visit and we will take care of you and your family in a safe and comfortable way.


We stand behind the quality of our treatment and we guarantee our fillings and crowns for five years. They will be repaired or replaced if a failure occurs that is due to our workmanship. This guarantee does not cover failures resulting from injury, trauma, decay, or treatment that is not recommended.

New patient, complete exam

During your new patient visit we will make x-rays and perform an exam on your teeth and gums. We will explain our finding and answer any of your questions. Then, we will discuss your options and help you make a plan to improve or maintain the health of your teeth.

Esthetic consultation

During an esthetic consultation we will quickly evaluate your smile and recommend what’s possible for improving your smile. The consultation is designed to give you an idea of how we can improve color, tooth position and smile symmetry. Sometimes, x-rays or a complete exam are required before beginning treatment.

Dental treatment

Fillings - No amalgam is used in our office. Instead, white composite fillings are bonded to your teeth. Fillings are used for repairing small holes in your teeth. We also use the white composite filling as an instant veneer to improve the shape or color of your teeth.

Crowns - If your tooth cracks or breaks and the remaining tooth cannot support a filling, then a crown is usually recommended. A crown is made by the laboratory just for you and then it’s cemented to your tooth. Scientific studies show that posterior teeth which have had root canal treatment should be protected with a crown. We recommend all ceramic crowns that have no metal and look naturally beautiful (we do not recommend old style crowns with dark metal edges).

Whitening - Whitening is safe for your teeth. In fact, whitening is safer for your teeth than drinking a Coca-Cola. Everyone’s teeth whiten differently, some teeth whiten quickly and some teeth whiten slowly. Once your teeth are whiter, the new color holds very well. Each year only mild touch ups are needed to keep the teeth white, not a complete whitening treatment. There are two ways to whiten your teeth.

    Home whitening (slower) - Custom trays are made to fit just your teeth. These trays hold the whitening gel on your teeth and are worn each day for between 1-6 hours (depending on the strength of the gel). Your teeth will be whiter in 10-15 days, but you may stop as soon as you like the new color.

    Office whitening (faster) - Powerful whitening gel speeds up the whitening of your teeth but it’s only used in the dental office so that we can protect your lips and gums. Office whitening gives you the equivalent of 10 days with home whitening. That means it’s fast but it does not make your teeth as white as they could be. If you would like the whitest possible result from office whitening, then you must also whitening at home an additional 5-10 days after the office whitening.

    IMPORTANT - We do not use light or laser activated whitening systems. Whitening systems that use lights or lasers cause dehydration of teeth and increase temperatures inside teeth. Light activated office whitening causes temporary whitening of teeth because after 2-4 days, the teeth rehydrate and lose much of their new whiteness. Studies show that lights and lasers are not useful for whitening and here is more information about whitening.

Root canals, extractions, implants, and more - We will help you organize dental care if you require more complex treatment or if there is a situation that requires speciality treatment. We can refer you to one of our preferred specialists.

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