Daytime emergency

If your dental emergency is during the day, please call our reception at 773 505 773 and we will do our best to see you the same day. We will quickly diagnose your situation, focus on your comfort and health, then do our best to repair or stabilize your situation so you can smile again.

After hours emergency

If your dental emergency happens during the night or over the weekend, you may call Dr. Eric Rafoth on his mobile or the reception at 773 505 773. We will answer your call as soon as possible. Please remember, an after hours emergency visit to our office requires an additional fee.

Tourists and visitors

If you are a tourist or visitor to Prague and you have a dental emergency, we can help you. Dr. Eric Rafoth is an American trained dentist from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Go Huskies! He will do his best to take care of you in an emergency situation. Please call the reception at 773 505 773 and ask for an emergency visit. At our office, we will diagnose your situation and discuss your options. Treatment will begin either at your emergency visit or at the next available appointment.

Common emergencies

Toothache - Many different situations may cause a toothache. Decay, sensitive roots, bruxism, trauma, sinus infections, loose fillings or crowns, recent extractions, and gum disease are a few of the most common causes of a toothache. An x-ray and an exam will quickly help us determine why you have a toothache.

Sensitivity after dental treatment - After a new filling or crown is placed, some post-op sensitivity is normal because the nerve inside the tooth is aware that the dental work was done. This sensitivity may be related to hot, cold, pressure, or even spontaneous. TIP:  Give your tooth some time to recover. It may take a few days or even weeks, but usually the sensitivity gets better every day and finally the tooth recovers. During this time, use pain medicine (whatever you would use for a headache) and you can always call the dentist and ask about post-op sensitivity. The nerve of the tooth might need help if the pain/sensitivity gets worse, wakes you up at night, or does not respond well to pain medicine.

Trauma - If you have an accident and your baby tooth or adult tooth is traumatized, you should call or visit your dentist as soon as possible. Light trauma usually does not cause permanent damage to the tooth or bone. However, hard trauma may result in a loose tooth or a tooth that is moved and pressed deeper into the gum. An x-ray plus an exam will reveal the extent of damage so that we can decide the best treatment.

Lost baby tooth - TIP: If a baby tooth is lost due to trauma, do not replant the tooth in the mouth. If a baby tooth is replanted back into it’s hole, it may cause damage to the adult tooth under it. For this reason, lost baby teeth are not replanted.

Lost adult tooth - If an adult tooth is lost due to trauma, we do our best to save the tooth. First, gently brush of any dirt from the root (do not over clean or brush the root because its biologic surface is fragile).  Second, replant the tooth back onto its hole in your mouth. If you are not able to replant the tooth, then place the tooth in a small cup with saliva or milk, hold the tooth in your cheek, or even better is placing the tooth in Hank’s biologic tooth solution. The tooth should be replanted as soon as possible.

Broken or fractured teeth - If a baby tooth or and adult tooth is broken or fractured, visit your dentist. Inside of every tooth, there is a nerve. If the nerve is exposed after a fracture, then it needs to be covered right away. Broken teeth are usually quite sensitive and they can be repaired with a bonded white filling. In the case of extreme fractures, a root canal, crown, or even extraction may be required. 

Lost crown or filling - If a temporary crown is lost, usually it is because the temporary cement has failed and the temporary crown may be re-cemented. If a permanent crown is lost, it may be that the permanent cement has failed, decay has undermined the crown, or the crown itself has broken. Permanent cement may be used to replace the crown but sometimes permanent cement is not enough to replace a crown that failed due to decay or breakage.

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