Your smile should look naturally beautiful, not artificial. It should give you confidence, not stress. We’ll evaluate your teeth and gums then discuss your treatment options. Our goal is a natural looking, healthy smile. The picture below shows some of the most common characteristics found in a naturally beautiful smile.

Your smile

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Healthy gums

Healthy gums do not bleed or smell and if they are well positioned, they help your smile.

TIP: Visit your dentist for a professional cleaning or root scaling at least twice a year.

Whiter teeth

Professional whitening will improve your smile. It’s easy and long lasting.

TIP: Properly used, whitening gel is safer than drinking Coca-Cola. Learn about important information regarding tooth whitening.

Irritated gums

When gums bleed and smell, it hurts your smile. Any gum level positioned too high or too low will not improve your smile.

TIP: Gum sculpting can balance your gums. Don’t brush too hard, it leads to recession and sensitive roots.

Hidden Teeth

Rotated or hidden teeth make your smile uneven.

TIP: A white filling or a porcelain veneer repositions the hidden tooth and balances your smile.

Smile line

Your upper teeth should follow the curve of your lower lip. This is called the “smile line”.

TIP: Teeth that don’t follow this line look unnatural. Goal: healthy looking teeth on the smile line.


The length, width, shape, and color of front teeth should match on the left and right. This is called a symmetrical smile.

TIP: Creating smile symmetry requires artistic sense. The goal is always a smile that’s naturally beautiful.

Chipped edges

Worn teeth appear shorter and chipped edges make a smile appear tired.

TIP: Smoothing rough edges rejuvenates a smile.  Lengthening short teeth with white fillings, porcelain veneers, or crowns can rebuild a natural looking smile.

Open spaces

Black spaces may be the result of gum recession. Spaces trap food and do not improve your smile.

TIP: White fillings or porcelain veneers close these spaces and rejuvenate your smile.

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